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Research and Development :
Internet TV and Financial Models for Public Broadcasting
Media Globo : The People's Venture Capital Company
Walden High: A Globally Accredited Internet Academy
Axess TV : My Window to a Web Wide World
Hello and Welcome !   I am Chairman of  the global publicly-listed Internet media asset management and crowdsourcing  venture capital firm  MEDIA GLOBO  [ www.mediaglobo.com ],  a business professional with roots in the Silicon Valley, CA since the early days of the Internet, and  founder of  the New Media Research Center, a Los Angeles-based non-profit dedicated to Internet TV media development and content production. I am a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences,  National Association of Television Program Executives, National Association of Broadcasters, the International Academy of Web Television, and the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. 

My business background  is rather diverse as an entrepreneur, start-up company founder, corporate marketing executive, business development officer, public company CEO, venture capitalist, management and marketing consultant, city management intern, local government official and city business representative, and  hospital administrator for a 450-bed metropolitan medical center. 

My academic background is a Bachelor of Arts ( BA ) and Masters of Public Administration ( MPA ), Health Services Administration, from the University of Missouri [www.umsystem.edu] and Presidents and Key Executives Master of Business Administration ( MBA ) from Pepperdine University [ www.pepperdine.edu ]. Further, my doctoral studies include candidacy for a (DPA) Doctor of Public Administration degree at the University of Southern California [ www.usc.edu ], candidacy for a (DBA) Doctor of Business Administration at the Laureate International Universities Network [www.laureate.net], and current candidacy for the Executive Doctor of Business Administation degree at Pepperdine University [www.pepperdine.edu ], Malibu, California. I have served as an adjunct faculty for the graduate schools of management and business at Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA [ www.ggu.edu ], National University  in San Diego, CA [www.nu.edu], and as an instructor at The University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom   www.liv.ac.uk ] . 

On the personal front I am unmarried and have one beautiful daughter who lives in Southern California.  She is an accomplished full-stack software engineer, product manager, business analyst, webmaster, and lecturer. When not working or on the Internet doing business,   I enjoy travel, domestically and abroad, and sports from biking, the gym and tennis, to hiking and skiing, boating, scuba diving, flying and riding motorcycles.

MEDIA GLOBO Chairman / Executive Producer / Venture Capitalist

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